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About The Herbert M. Citrin Charitable Foundation

Prior to his death in 2007, Herb Citrin provided in his Estate for the establishment of the Herbert M. Citrin Charitable Foundation.  While he did not provide specific instructions regarding which organizations the Foundation should support, the Trustees have made every effort to align with the charitable endeavors Herb was passionate about throughout his life.  


Over the years, The Herbert M. Citrin Foundation has supported such causes as social justice, education, the fine arts, assisting adults with autism, supporting our veterans, and the eradication of hunger.  Among many charitable organizations to receive grants and services from the Foundation are: The Southern Poverty Law Center, East River Child Development Center (founded by Mr. Citrin), New York Philharmonic, Turtle Bay Music Schools, the Harmony Program, JCCA Compass Program for Young Adults, CapeAbilities, SparKidz, ARMS, 911 Veterans, Wrap It Up, and St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters).


In 2017, the Trustees established The Herbert M. Citrin Humanitarian Awards and staged the first Dinner Gala at Cold Spring Harbor Country Club on Long Island.  Its Social Justice Award is presented to individuals who, like Herb, have made a profound difference in people’s lives and who continue to recognize the importance of improving the lot of those less fortunate. 


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